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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Clown Prince of MSNBC

Just when you thought the liberal hissy fit over the tax deal couldn’t get any stupider.  Here goes Olbermann:

The Churchill quotation — as opposed to the quotation from the very Senior member of your Administration, Mr. President — is from October 5th, 1938.

I don’t want to make any true comparison to the historical event to which it related; the viewer can go ahead and look it up if they wish; I will confess I won’t fight if anybody wants to draw a comparison between what you’ve done with our domestic politics of our day, to what Neville Chamberlain did with the international politics of his.

So .. making a deal with Republicans ... a deal that is 85% Democrat priorities (middle class tax cut, EITC, unemployment insurance) is equivalent to turning over much of Czechoslovakia to Hitler.  Oh.  Kay.

This is not unusual for Olbermann.  Mediate has a rundown of at least ten Nazi comparisons Olbermann has made over this career.  The irony, of course, being that Olbermann recently made baseless allegations against Julian Assange’s accusers based on the writings of ... wait for it ... an anti-semitic Holocaust denier.

Watching the Leftie base fall apart over this is the most entertaining political sight I’ve witnessed since ... well, the last time the Leftie base fell apart over something comparatively minor.  Their complaints about the deficit and the lack of funds for liberal priorities are completely hollow.  If that is what they are concerned about, they should be opposing the entire deal, especially the middle class tax cuts which constitute the bulk of the deal.  So it’s not really about deficits or “spending priorities”.  It’s about their anger that the rich aren’t going to get what’s coming to them.  Here, Obama promised them he would screw the rich and he’s not delivering.  So, you know, waah waah waah.

And this of course is just a precursor of the eruption that will happen if Obama signs off on real deficit reduction - deficit reduction which will have to include cuts in all manner of spending.  You can already hear the wailing that Obama is “cutting critical spending so the rich can buy more yachts” even though the hard math will tell use that Obama is cutting non-critical spending so the middle class can afford their mortgage payment.

In the end, I hope that Obama is smarter than his base.  Deficit reduction is critical ... we can’t wait for a Republican President to do it (even assuming a Republican President would, which is dubious at best).  By breaking from his base and earning the wrath of crazy liberals like Olbermann, he’s improving his standing among conservatives and independents.  If he and the Republicans can get the economy going and reduce the debt by 2012, he’s almost certain to be re-elected.  (This being a prospect I can handle so long as Congress remains Republican.  I love divided government.)

Politics is the art of the possible, as Bismarck said.  If we get, as the Administration is hinting, a massive overhaul of the tax system combined with real long-term deficit reduction, the Democrats will reach 2012 having gotten reform of the Patriot Act, health care expansion, financial “reform”, lower deficits and, possibly, DADT repeal.  If Bush has accomplished even half as much, his base would have been turning cartwheels.

So ... to sum up ... whiney, hysterical, Godwinized, anti-strategic, ignorant, angry and motivated by class hatred.  That’s the Democrat base.  And they think our base is ugly.

Update: For the record, this article explains better than any why I’ve never bought into our class warfare rhetoric.  The idea that “the rich” are a bunch of trust-fund babies compounding the wealth of their families is simply not true.  80% of millionaires are first-generation millionaires.

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