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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Discovery Gunman

Here’s a multiple choice exam.  The man who attacked the Discovery Channel today had a manifesto.  In it, he rants about human population control, immigration, war, global warming, the economy, housing, endangered species, etc.  With the exception of a rant on illegal immigration, it’s mostly radical left wing environmentalist stuff.

Is the appropriate response to this loser to:

1) Claim that he’s obviously been inspired by the anti-wealth and environmental rhetoric of the left, just as right-wing violence has been inspired by anti-government rhetoric?

2) Admit he’s just a nut and the political rantings of nuts should not be taken seriously?  He could just as well have been ranting about the aliens controlling his mind as environmentalism?

3) Claim that this man is a nut and his rantings don’t impugn the Left; but rantings of anti-government loons definitely impugn the Right?

I’ll give you three guesses as to where the Left Wing commentariat is going with this. Anti-immigrant sentiment formed a very small part of this manifesto.

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