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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Driver In Chief

Just read it.  A blogger takes out Obama’s metaphor that the Democrats are trying to get the car (our economy) out of a ditch.  He extends the metaphor.

The more responsible people who aren’t necessarily affiliated with either of the “major” political parties say things like, “You guys better get the insurance, and don’t drive too fast, and take off that blindfold when you’re driving.” So the democrats and republicans beat those people with a crowbar, and throw them in the trunk of the car.

Then they take turns driving.

They drive the car wherever they feel like it. Open roads. Back roads. Highways. They drive the wrong way down one-way streets. They make left turns on red. When they bother to stop at stoplights, they pull all the way out into the cross walk, so that when you’re out running you have to run all the way out into oncoming traffic to get around the front of their car. When the “check oil” light comes on, if they notice it at all, they just laugh and say, “We don’t have to check the oil right this minute! This car’s got another good 10,000 miles in it, easy!”

When the gas gauge indicates “E,” if they notice it at all, they laugh and say, “This car’s got another good 10,000 miles in it, easy!”

Then they all get drunk for awhile.

Read the whole thing.

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