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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Empty Chair

Not much comment necessary.  For once, the Nobel Peace Prize meant something.


The only surprise, in fact, is how sustained China’s tantrum over this has been. Instead of ignoring the ceremony, the foreign ministry issued angry statements and demanded (with some success) that its authoritarian allies boycott the award; the Chinese gestapo were deployed to snatch Liu’s friends off the streets; and the government decided to create its own sham “peace prize” to try to sap some of the prestige of the Nobel for Liu. That seems like a bizarre overreaction given western assumptions that the Chinese government has the dissident movement well under control by now. Maybe our assumptions are wrong?

China’s simply gotten too used to everyone pussy-footing around them.  It’s good to seem them get he occasional middle finger.  And this convinces more than ever that the Nobel Committee nailed this one.  I expect them to back to their usual garbage next year.  But for once, they were right.

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