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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Land Down Under Deep Under

Being married to an Aussie—one from Queensland, actually—I’ve been hearing a lot about the massive flooding hitting the area.  It’s bizarre to watch.  Last time I was there, Brisbane had gone a long time without substantial rain.  Now they’re inundated.  Seeing places Jindalee and Toowoomba underwater is just strange.  (My in-laws are fine).

One question everyone’s been asking me is why this isn’t getting more attention on the news.  I suspect the Tucson shooting is the biggest reason.  But another reason is that Australia is a functional country.  This is not Haiti or even New Orleans.  They are responding to the crisis rather than waiting for everyone else to help them.  While they can use some help, the Aussies will pick up, clean up and move on.  They’ll be back on their feet well before it’s time for the Maroons to wipe the floor with the Blues ... again.

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