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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Last Desperate Gambit

Liberals love this commercial.

The sheer balls of this has to be admired.  My response.

I remember which party thinks tax breaks that allow American corporations to compete in foreign markets are a bad thing and preys on xenophobia and economic fear.

I remember which party held the Mayorship of New Orleans and the governorship of Louisiana when New Orleans drowned.  And I know how much better Bobby Jindal has done.

I remember which party is continuing a trillion dollar war.

I remember which party took a declining deficit—down to 1% of GDP—and turned into the biggest deficit in history.

I remember which party thinks spending money on anything is good, whether it works or not.

I remember which party brought us the Wall Street Bailout—it was the fucking Democrats, you assholes!  Who had Congress in 2008?  Who controlled the purse-strings after January?  Who was it who made sure executive bonuses were protected?

I remember which party takes failed ideas from the states and goes national with them.

I remember that our food supply remains safe.

I remember which party thinks that the only problem with our country is that it’s not enough like welfare states drowning in debt.

And I remember which party has worked tirelessly to destroy Social Security and Medicare—the Democrats, who have refused to do anything about the tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded mandates that threaten the very existence of those programs.

I remember which party believes that by getting the government to spend lots of money, it will have more money.

I remember which party set the banking rules that created every banking crisis since 1900.  (And I also remember how to change the definition of “in power” so that it meets my partisan needs).

I remember which party can no hear the scream of the taxpayers but the whispers of Big Labor.

I remember which party wants to take our country back to failed socialist policies.  No party wants to take our country forward.

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