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Monday, November 01, 2010

The Last Push for 19

Prop 19 has been fading in the polls.  Bizarrely, its support is falling especially heavily among Latinos, who, despite using pot less than whites, are much more likely to be busted for it.

Of all the elections going on tomorrow, it is the one I am keeping the closest eye on.  I hope that my state will do the smart think and elect Toomey and Corbett.  I hope the GOP will get a majority in the House (and hope even more that they won’t stay stupid once they’re back in power).  Cato has nine ballot initiatives they are pulling for.  But, as Reason writers note, there may be no issue more important than 19.

Though limited to voters in a single state, Prop. 19 is the only policy matter on the table with the potential to restructure the lives of virtually all Americans. If Prop. 19 passes, it will force, at long bloody last, an honest reconsideration of failed prohibitionist policies throughout the United States. In fact, given the drug war’s influence on our foreign policy in Latin America and central Asia, Prop. 19’s reverberations would even be felt far outside our borders.

Read the whole thing, which is outstanding.  Read also a Pro-19 article at National Review.  Yes, we live in a world where National Review will run a pro-legalization editorial.

To me, this goes beyond our stupid and failed War on Drugs.  Prop 19 has the potential to strike the biggest blow for state’s right in a century.  It would mean that a state was in active and vigorous rebellion against one of the most entrenched federal policies of our era.

(In other electoral news, more is coming out about the Administration’s select enforcement of voter intimidation laws.  I dismissed this issue initially because, by default, I assume that any controversy swirling through the Right Wing is at least partially, if not mostly, bullshit.  But there is a growing substance to this story and I was wrong to ignore it.  I still think the heavy-breathing hysteria about a national conspiracy to stop white voters is, indeed, hysterical.  But a selective enforcement of voting laws is not trivial.  It’s quite disturbing, actually.)

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