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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Latest Walker Smear

OMG!  Wisconsin’s governor is ... pro-life!

Walker’s nearly nine-year record in the Wisconsin Assembly, the legislature’s lower house, reads like a pro-life handbook, an all-out assault on abortion rights. What’s more, the many anti-abortion initiatives he backed are perfectly in sync with the assault on reproductive rights now unfolding on the national level, where House Republicans recently gutted funding for Planned Parenthood and controversially tried to redefine “rape” to limit the long-standing exceptions to the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother’s life.

Notice what they don’t say: that Walker wants to redefine rape.  They just say he’s like the guys who do.  It’s a typical leftist two-step of which Michael Moore would be proud.  They do the same thing later when they note he was endorsed by Pro-Life Wisconsin, who want to ban all abortion, even to save the mother’s life.  But that guilt by association doesn’t fly here.  Or would Mother Jones think that a Communist Party endorsement of Obama would prove he was a communist?

Getting to the substance:

In November 1996, Walker and Assemblywoman Bonnie Ladwig R-Caledonia announced plans to introduce a bill banning “partial-birth” abortions, or what’s medically known as dilation and extraction. Anti-abortion groups have condemned the practice, but groups that back abortion rights argue the procedure could save a woman’s life in the case of severe late-term complications during a pregnancy. Walker said partial-birth abortions are “never needed” to save lives, adding, “This procedure is not a medically recognized procedure.”

Banning partial-birth abortion is not an extreme position.  The Partial Birth Abortion ban passed Congress with significant Democratic support, withstood a Supreme Court challenge, enjoys popular support and an early version was even endorsed by the fucking AMA.  Walker’s positions was not an “extreme” one, it was a mainstream pro-life one.  I know doctors who have performed abortions that supported the ban.

In 1997, Walker’s abortion crusade continued with a proposal banning state and local government employees from “promoting, encouraging, or counseling in favor of abortion services.” Walker’s proposal would also block “public facilities or public institutions or any equipment or any other physical asset that is owned, leased, or controlled by this state, an agency, or a local government unit” from offering abortions. Public employees would be subject to a $1,000 fine if they discussed abortions.

This is slightly more troublesome, but such “gag orders” are not unusual.  In fact, they US government had such a law until Bill Clinton repealed it (and subsequently passed a law banning military chaplains from advising against abortion).  I’m not fond of gag orders, but again, these are not out-of-the-mainstream positions.

They then get into more troublesome stuff—reductions in family planning funding, parental notification on birth control and allowing pharmacists to refuse prescriptions.  I oppose these.  I think that last, in particular, should be left up to employers.  If you have a moral problem with birth control, don’t work in a pharmacy that dispenses it.

But that’s about it.  Walker has not proposed to ban abortion or even put significant restrictions on it.  I realize that to rabid pro-choicers, this is part of the slow creep to banning abortion that started soon after Roe (this mission creep being currently tied with the legitimacy of US soccer as the slowest creep in history).  But none of these are really extreme pro-Life positions.

And frankly, even if Walker were a mouth-foaming Operation Rescue disciple ... what the hell does this have to do with the union fight?  Nothing.  It’s just part of of an ongoing effort to smear him and the Republicans, rather than engage on the fundamental issue (MJ also ran an article about Walker’s connection to the eeeevil Koch Brothers).  If he’s “extreme” on abortion than that must mean all his other positions are “extreme”, no matter what we, the public, happen to think about it.

This is a sign of desperation.  They really are afraid of losing their headlock on the taxpayer.

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