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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Message Is Not the Medium

I haven’t commented on the Glenn Beck rally this weekend since I was in transit and it crossed me as more of a religious revival than a political event, which set by interest-o-meter to “low”.  However, one interesting aspects of it was the failed attempts by the Left to find racist signs in the rally.  The Beck people actually asked people not to bring signs to the rally as they wanted to keep it less political.

But that’s good enough for some people.  Apparently, this is not about message discipline; this is just masking the real racism that festers in the hearts of the Beckistas.

You just can’t win with these people.  If protestors show up with racist signs—even if, as happened with Dale Robertson—they are immediately asked to leave, this unveils secret racism.  If signs are discouraged, this conceals racism.  Either way, they’re a bunch of racists.

Update: Incidentally, the rally for Beck involved leaders of all faiths, including Islam, and raised millions to benefit the children of soldiers.  What a horrible horrible thing to go on in Washington.

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