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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Revolution Comes to San Fran

The UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada—all these countries are getting their budgets under control while our explodes and Republican exempt 83% of the budget from cuts.  But perhaps we can take solace in a fiscal revolution beginning in ... holy fucking shit ... San Francisco?

77,000 San Franciscans signed a petition to place a measure on the Nov. 2 ballot that would do what generations of politicians haven’t: bring a modicum of sanity to the pension and benefit programs of San Francisco government employees. If passed, Proposition B would require all city employees to contribute up to 10% of their income to their pension plans, and to pay half of the health-care premiums of their dependents. This will save San Francisco at least $120 million a year, at a time when its pension tab is $400 million per year, up from $175 million in 2005.


A typical San Francisco resident with one dependent pays $953 a month for health care, while the typical city employee pays less than $10. In 2009, San Francisco’s deputy police chief earned $516,000 in cash compensation and retired with a $230,000-a-year pension—a package that could cost the city $8 million over the balance of his life.

I’ve worked, on and off, with state-funded universities.  I have always had to contribute 10% toward a 403b (I’ve opted out of state pensions) and pay at least something (usually a few hundred a month) for my insurance, the rest being funded out of grants.  To find out that those contributions are 0% and $10 is remarkable.

I’ve always thought that the real fiscal revolution would begin when liberals realize how fucked we are.  Liberal people, that is, not liberal politicians, who are now taking more money from government employee unions than any other special interest. But it’s gotten so bad in California that even Nancy Pelosi is having to defend her seat from a drug-legalizing, capital-gains-tax eliminating Republican.

I still don’t think the Democrats understand what’s going on—either in the fiscal situation or the electoral one. They still think they can hold onto office by throwing money at unions and running jaw-droppingly repugnant ads against the GOP.

God, I can’t wait to see these guys crying in their lattes two weeks from now.

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