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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Sleaziest Piece of Shit in Memory

That’s what David Weigel calls Gawker’s recent post from an anonymous person claiming he had a one-night encounter with Christine O’Donnell.  I have read the piece but refuse to link to it.  Weigel is absolutely right.  It is a piece of shit.  What’s more, it crosses me as a lying piece of shit.  Every word of it rang false to me, especially because he boasts that he turned her down.  O’Donnell is many things, but she’s not unattractive.  Especially not to a single in his 20’s.  The article breathlessly says it has pictures and it does—pictures of O’Donnell, fully dressed, smiling at the camera.  You can find racier pictures of her on Google.

What’s amazing is how universal the disgust with this hit piece is.  Even Charles Johnson—yes, Charles fucking Johnson—calls it “one of the creepiest smear jobs I’ve seen”.  NOW—yes, NOW—has denounced it.  So have Donna Brazille and Media Matters (Sullivan is observing a disturbing radio silence).  Read a summary of disgust here from Malkin.

I will add one last note.  Even if every single word of that piece of shit is true, I don’t care.  It does not affect my opinion of O’Donnell one way or the other.  Actually, no, it would make me more sympathetic to her since it’s very human to be unable to live up to our ideals.  I don’t care if she’s a Religious Right Culture Warrior.  An indiscretion by any single woman a decade ago is a matter of supreme indifference to me.  Unless it actually involved me, in which case I’m sure it was awesome.

(While we’re on that note: a month ago, a similar minor scandal erupted when Gawker posted racy Halloween pictures of Congressional candidate Krystal Ball.  What was interesting it that she and others responded with outrage and then ... nothing happened.  No one cared.  Well, some people cared because she’s kind of hot.  But it had absolutely no effect on her minimal electoral chances.

The Ball incident was not quite as bad as this one.  That was embarrassing pictures; this is an anonymous and frankly nasty slur.  But I do wonder if we may be—at long last—moving to a point where no one gives a shit about what someone did in their wild single years.  We’ve gotten to the point where every stupid/fun thing we do is immortalized in all its digital glory.  That’s forcing us to come to the inevitable conclusion: nobody’s perfect.  We muddle along as best we can and try to have some fun along the way.  And if it means an embarrassing picture or two turns up down the road ... well, that’s life in the Internet Age.)

Really, these guys are almost making me pull for O’Donnell to win just because it would piss them off so much.

Update: Actually, you know what the Gawker piece reminds me of?  Some drunken frat boy saying, “Oh, yeah, Christine O’Donnell?  I totally could have nailed that chick.  She was all over me, man.” I didn’t buy that shit in college and I’m certainly not buying it now.

Update: Sullivan comes through:

Gawker has an anonymous, and vile, kiss and tell, which has not a smidgen of journalistic justification and is merely a cowardly, brutal and misogynist invasion of privacy (hence no link)

Sully points out that Gawker paid low four figures for the story and pics.  Considering the traffic they’re getting, they probably think it’s worth it.

And so this, from Weigel.

Calling out political hypocrisy makes sense when a candidate is trying to use his/her power to legislatively punish an action, or if that action is already illegal. I’m a candidate who wants to make my country dry, and I get drunk. I want to put sex offenders in prison, but I seek out illicit underaged sex on the side. I’m aware that Christine O’Donnell’s public commentary career started with her going on TV to talk about how kids shouldn’t have sex or masturbate before marriage. But not only has she never called for that behavior to be punished legally, I’m unaware of her ever coming out against the actions mentioned here—which, let’s remember are drinking, fooling around, and not having sex. There is no hypocrisy being exposed here. This is anonymous creep shaming a woman who wouldn’t sleep with him, and doing so because she’s a celebrity now.

Amen. I think these guys expected everyone to start crowing that O’Donnell was a hypocritical slut.  But, in the end, this will end up making her look better.

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