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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Stuffed Menace

While I’m sleeping off a cold that’s more tenacious than Barack Obama’s ego, I thought I’d entertain you with this, which comes via Lenore Skenazy’s blog:

Members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad blew up a 2-foot-high stuffed pony on Tuesday.

Neighbors said the placement of the stuffed toy made it appear suspicious to them.

The toy was found in a cul-de-sac next to a park near Waterbridge Elementary.

Makes perfect sense.  A toy.  Near where kids are.  Really, what else could it be but a bomb?

“We’re right by the school, and kids walk right be here every day,” resident Earline Murray said.

Yes.  And no kid has ever left a toy anywhere.  It’s not like any child has ever put a stuffed animal on a bench or a swing or a deck and left it to “sleep” or “have dinner”.

Deputies cordoned off the neighborhood, and a robot was sent it to examine the stuffed animal. Meanwhile, residents like Kilwein were stuck in their homes as their imaginations ran wild.

“Once you see that it’s a stuffed animal, your mind starts racing with all kinds of ... crazy stuff in the world,” Kilwein said.

Holy fuck!  That’s what you mind races to?  You know, if I were a member of Al-Quaeda, I wouldn’t be doing any suicide bombings.  I’d just relax in front of the TV and enjoy the hilarity.  How more terrorized can a nation get when they see a stuffed animal ... near a park ... and immediately conclude that it must be a bomb.

Here’s what I want to know.  When some little girl shows up, bawling her eyes out because she left Binky to have a nap and the cops blew him the fuck up ... are they going to arrest her for planting a “bomb like device”?  Like they did with Star Simpson or the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Guys?  In other words, when is this absurd over-reaction going to be somebody else’s fault?

Anyway, here is the awesome vide of the pony being destroyed.

I may be libertarian conservative, but I do like my explosions.

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