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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Washington Debacle

If you’re wondering why the GOP is so eager to take on the unions, here is a prime reason:

An independent arbitrator in Montgomery County has ordered the District of Columbia Public Schools to rehire 75 teachers who were fired in 2008 by former Chancellor Michelle Rhee for, among other things, being AWOL from school for weeks at a time, not preparing lesson plans, cursing at students, poor classroom management and high levels of student failure. Nathan Saunders, head of the Washington Teachers’ Union, expects that 80 more probationary teachers fired by Rhee on similar grounds in 2009 likewise will be reinstated. All will be given full back pay and compensation from their termination dates.


Feigenbaum’s decision was not based on evidence that Rhee’s firing decisions weren’t justified by poor performance. Instead, Feigenbaum pointed to Rhee’s failure to follow precisely the process outlined in the collective bargaining agreement in effect at the time. Her failure constituted a “glaring and fatal flaw” that voided her decisions, he ruled. Specifically, Rhee did not provide fired teachers with an official “reason” for their terminations—even though all the firings were recommended by the terminated teachers’ principals. In other words, they must have had more than a clue that their performance was unsatisfactory.

Obama has denounced Wisconsin’s move as an “assault” on unions.  Reading stories like the above—and remember that Obama killed the DC voucher program, effectively welding shut the escape hatches for poor kids still trapped in the sinking DCPS Titanic—I can only say, “about time”.

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