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Monday, January 03, 2011

They tuk or JBSZ!

The NYT has a longwinded article dealing with how Europe’s young are growing agitated over future job prospects. It looks gloomy for them, even when the number of young trying to join the workforce has drastically declined due to ridiculous low birth rates amongst the locals, and as more people join the ranks of the retired. No matter the skill set, paying jobs are scarce. Security is fleeting. The percentages of those permanently employed are staggeringly low. The numbers are frightening. And yet, I think the NYT, even though it mentions some of the problems, seems to have missed the boat on the real reason behind this situation: government interference in the job market, to make it meet the social all those haughty justice standards the left so pines for, destroyed the entry job market and made if virtually impossible for the young to become gainfully employed, no matter their skill set.

If you will allow it, I should point out that this travesty is a clear example of the “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” principle. The real scary thing is that there is no way of reversing this damage with the entitled rioting whenever they are told that the system has become unsustainable. If this isn’t a prime example of the failures of collectivism, I don’t know what would dissuade one from these practices. Remember this the next time you hear some idiot talking about increasing the minimum wage or demanding European style benefits and vacation for people here. If we are looking to get employment numbers below 40% – best case scenarios – and as low as 25% otherwise, for our young, we should do more like the Europeans. There is no such thing as a free lunch people. In the end someone pays for it.

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