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Friday, January 21, 2011

This is pathetic, and down right disgusting

Seriously these people are scum. With all the real problems this guy is causing this is just plain idiotic. Who the fook cares if Obama dyed his hair? The office of the POTUS is down right brutal and it ages people. So he decided he didn’t want to look old and dyed his hair? Who gives a flying fook? BTW, I am old and have grey hair, but don’t dye it and it doesn’t bother me a bit that Obama does. What does piss me off is that the MSM is wasting so much time on this when there are real problems caused by the band of incompetent fools that this guy has helping him drive the nation into the ground. Seriously, picking on him for dyeing his hair is just disgusting. And it shows how disconnected and desperate the MSM is that they have to focus on this shit to then claim they can be negative about Obama. How sad. What’s next? Michelle waxes her upepr lip? Damn these people are morons.

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