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Friday, November 12, 2010

This is what’s destroying our future..

This news, that government is bleeding us dry, growing out of control, and now the best place to work for the most freebees, comes as no surprise to those of us that have been paying attention to what’s happening. If you want to know which jobs the collectivists are talking about when they say the near $1 trillion dollar stimuluspatronage bill saved, it is these ones.

Here’s where the real pay dirt is. In the last five years, the number of federal employees making $150,000 or more per year increased tenfold, according to an investigation by USA Today. Those high wages increased by twofold under the Obama administration. “The biggest pay hikes have gone to employees who have been with the government for 15 to 24 years,” the paper reports. “Since 2005, average salaries for this group climbed 25% compared with a 9% inflation rate.”

Yes, the middle class is being destroyed by the rich elites, but the rich elites destroying this country are not the people the left conveniently blames, but them and their masters. I have yet to find anyone in government I don’t think is drastically overpaid, horribly underworked, full of their own self importance and yet more often than not easily done without, and hard at work fleecing the hard working citizen that isn’t part of that inner circle, with the exception of the military. Spending cuts NOW!

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