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Targets of Opportunity

Iran is one of the more modern, better educated countries in the Middle East.  This is what their best and brightest look forward to.

The United States may see oil and terrorism as Islamic Iran’s main exports, but many young people here will be quick to disagree.

The Islamic republic, home to some of the most qualified young people in the Middle East, has been exporting its brain-power at an alarming rate—with an estimated 150,000 frustrated graduates taking flight every year.

And as a joke going around Iranian universities puts it, having a PhD means you’re more than likely to head overseas for a job doing Pizza Hut delivery.

“It doesn’t really matter what your graduation grade is. It makes no difference what contacts you have. You just cannot find a decent job,” complained Somayeh, a 25-year-old graduate of industrial design.

Officially, the unemployment rate among graduates stands at around 16 percent. Experts say the real figure is far higher, and caution further that the figures are also hiding an additional, far larger problem of underemployment.

This is the frustrating situation that a relatively modern, advanced, educated class comes against in a country like Iran.  This frustration is felt all over the Middle East, only multiply it based upon how backwards and restrictive their theocratic governments are.  Their young people look around and see how backwards they are, yet they have been raised since birth to believe that their piety and obedience to the will of Allah will make them his favorites.  So why has Allah forsaken them?  The answer, propagated by their governments, is to blame the Jews and the Americans.  So if you want to know “why they hate us,” and why they’re willing to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, there’s your answer.  Oppression plus ignorance plus radical fanatical religion plus a convenient scapegoat is not a good mix.

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