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Hoser Shoots Hoser

When will America learn to follow Canada’s lead with strict gun control laws and outrageous social spending, so that we are not subject to violence like this?

Shots rang out across Toronto overnight—sending at least seven men to hospital.

For the second day in a row, Toronto police found themselves investigating a shooting near Allen and the 4-0-1. On Sunday, shots rang out during a memorial for two murdered members of the community. And last night—more gunfire. A man said to be 31 years old was left with a gunshot wound to the hand, and one to the groin—but they’re not life-threatening injuries. There’s word police are looking for 8 suspects in that case.

Also last night, bullets flew at Finch and Weston, leaving one man in critical condition and another with less serious injuries. The two men were shot behind a diner there, in what police say was an attempted robbery.

Last night’s violence began around 10:30, near Church and Dundas. One person suffered non-life-threatening injuries when they were shot at a telephone booth.

Then around midnight, a man was shot twice while leaving a restaurant near Islington and the Lakeshore.

Shots rang out again near Birchmount and Finch. Apparently someone drove up beside the victim, got out of their vehicle, and started shooting. He’s apparently not co-operating with police—but should be just fine.

Then around 2 a-m, a man was shot in the leg near Allen Gardens.

No arrests have been made in any of these incidents.

As Michael Moore tells us, this is a symptom of America’s “Culture of Violenceā„¢” and could be avoided if we were only more “Canada-like.”

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