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Manufacturing Outrage

Having run out of pointless incidents to whip up into racial infernos, America’s most prominent racial arsonist has branched out into shaking down cable networks.

Now Jesse Jackson is involved in trying to convince ESPN that its 50-state tour of sporting events should include a stop in the nation’s capital.

The activist and former presidential candidate says it’s insulting that the cable network left D.C. out when it came up with its plans. Jackson says he’ll go to the network’s Connecticut headquarters if they don’t change their tune.

He also might picket the ESPN Zone bar in the city that’s home to the Nationals, Wizards, Mystics, United and Capitals. Plus there’s the Redskins, if you want to figure Landover into the mix.

The network says it’ll mention D.C. when broadcasting from Virginia and Maryland.

This is how he shakes down corporations.  He finds any angle he can, no matter how weak, to protest.  Then he goes to the corporation and threatens to stage a huge public protest.  Of course, he’ll gladly halt the protest plans if the corporation (a) concedes to his demands, and (b) gives his Rainbow/PUSH coalition a huge “voluntary donation.”

When the mafia does this the government calls it extortion and prosecutes the offender.  When Je$$e Jack$on does it he gets a free pass.  Why?  Because any attempt by the GOP to audit him and expose his methods will make him a martyr against the racist Republican hate machine, and the Democrats play suck-boy to him because they need him to shuck and jive and get blacks to go and vote for them.  Jesse knows this, and thus he operates above the law.

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