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Hey Spider, This Is For You

We haven’t had a good creation vs. evolution flame war debate around here in a while, so it was with great amusement that I read this article called Things That Make Evolutionists Look Stupid (Spiders).

Spiders are able to make seven different types of webs, which they use for different purposes, such as for catching prey, for walking on, for anchor points, for wrapping prey, and for other functions. It is ridiculous to suggest that a creature could randomly develop the irreducibly complex apparatuses to make and eject one type of webbing, but to make seven types is mind-boggling. An irreducibly complex apparatus is something that could not operate if even one of its components were missing. The chances of something of this nature to appear by accident with all of its necessary parts intact are essentially zero.

Note the conspicuous lack of any actual mathematics to support this claim, it’s just taken as an article of faith.  The author then goes on to list a whole slew of really snazzy things that spiders are able to do, really amazing nature-show type stuff that you’ve probably never heard of.  He continues:

A very lengthy book could be written on the miraculous nature of spiders, but I’ll stop here for now. Spiders are amazingly sophisticated creations, and give us many reasons to stand in awe of God’s creativity.

In other words, look at all these cool things spiders can do.  Since these things are impressive, it’s obviously evidence of creation.  Oddly enough, the fact that lichen are relatively simple from a biological standpoint is not evidence of the opposite position.  Complexity shows evidence of creation, but simplicity also is evidence of creation.  It’s almost like this isn’t actually science!

Oddly, one of Kent Hovind’s video debates was against a woman professor from Augusta University whose area of expertise was, of all things, spiders. All of this incredible evidence lay before her, and she was probably aware of all of it (I say probably because she was an incompetent scientist even by evolutionist standards), so she should have known better than anyone that spiders are evidence of intelligent design. In spite of this, she defended a nonsensical and irrational theory called the theory of evolution.

Which this entire article does nothing to discredit.  They use a nonsensical and irrational philosophical argument to try and disprove a scientific argument.

It was, however, clear that her hatred for God’s people overruled any standards of scientific objectivity that she might have had. Her hatred and hostility toward Christianity and Christian values were not hidden during the debate.

Ah, Christian victimhood.  This woman wasn’t merely opposed to creationism because it’s an asinine, unsupported, unscientific piece of faith-based philosophical drivel, it’s because she “hates Christianity.”

I saw a magician once.  He reached into my ear and pulled out a quarter.  It was amazing!  I have absolutely no idea how the quarter got there.  I didn’t put it there, and even if I did, how did the magician know it was there?  Besides, a quarter is too big to fit into my ear.  Yet there it was!  The very fact that this quarter was in my ear clearly defies the “laws” of physics.  “Science” tells us that there is no way that this quarter could have fit into a hole with a smaller dimension, but there it was!  So much for “science” having all the answers! 

Obviously this is proof that the magician who pulled the quarter from my ear has divine powers, and is able to transcend the immutable laws of the universe.  I hereby propose that we all unquestioningly accept his divinity, and worship him as our God.

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