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So Much for Fitzmas

After masturbating furiously for two years, in the end the liberals got nothing more than a tingle.

Well, that was much ado about nothing. I don’t really think the indictment of the man who served as the Vice President’s Chief of Staff--and whose role in the administration was in fact much larger than that--is no big deal. It is. But the way Democrats were talking about this case leading up to the indictment, this has to come as a letdown. After all, liberals believed that Patrick Fitzgerald was going to cripple the Bush administration and reveal the lies and deceptions behind the Iraq war. There was speculation that Fitzgerald would shine a bright, unflattering light onto the inner workings of the White House Iraq Group. There was talk that he was going to name a “Constitutional officer"--namely Cheney--as an unindicted co-conspirator. And there were rumors that he was seeking to empanel a second grand jury to investigate who ginned up the fake “Niger documents.”

Maybe Fitzgerald just has a very impressive poker face, but it sure seemed from his press conference that none of those things is now going to happen. Even the talk, earlier in the day, that Rove was now in an excruciating legal limbo seems like it was overblown. The five indictments against Libby appear to be the only indictments Fitzgerald is going to bring. It seems there’s a good chance Rove is off the hook and an even better chance that everyone else is, as well. And since Fitzgerald’s such a stickler for rules, it’s doubtful we’re ever going to get much of an accounting of what else, besides the charges he’s laid out against Libby, he learned about the Bush administration’s shenanigans in the course of this investigation. In other words, the whole notion that the Fitzgerald investigation was going to reveal how the Bush administration led us into Iraq now seems to have been completely wrong. Democrats wanted their own Ken Starr--a prosecutor who let his investigation metastasize and whose operation leaked like a sieve. Instead, they got Elliot Ness.

It’s true.  It’s interesting that the lefties were referring to today as Fitzmas, meaning that Fitz was going to give them the political equivalent of Christmas Day.  But Christmas is an illusion, presented to willing children all-too happy to buy into the myth of a mystical man who comes into their lives and gives them rewards for being good little boys and girls.  This is exactly the state of the American left: overemotional, fantasy-driven, mythology-believing children who were just convinced that today their rank hatred of Bush was going to be rewarded.  But instead of the latest version of Bonestorm they woke up to find a copy of Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.  (If you don’t get that joke see here and search the page for 3F07.)

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