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Protest Me, Hardy

This is priceless.  I was looking through the BBC News forums, where readers can leave their comments on various news issues.  I find this an invaluable resource in gauging just how completely wrong most of the UK is in their opinion of life in America.  (Getting your idea of America from the BBC and Michael Moore movies will do that to you.) Since the Beeb is a left-wing news site, most of the Americans who leave comments there are barking moonbat lefties, one of whom posted the following.

Thanks, congratulations and even a toast—yes, a toast—to all those who have been doing the hard work with the grand jury, as well as to all those of us everywhere who are united as never before in the cause of Justice. May the Truth, at long last, prevail! Not a moment left to waste, my friends, and make every moment (and every word!) count! Victory is at hand, and it will be sweet if we each do exactly as our duty commands us to—remembering fearless, invincible Nelson, among other good soldiers who came before, and have fought since, and fight today. And to all those who write, who shape through language the events of our times: Godspeed to all those who serve the right cause!

Maria Ashot, Berkeley, United States

Fascinating, isn’t it, that some raving Berkeley dunce would actually use Admiral Lord Nelson, victor of the Battle of Trafalgar, as an example to be emulated.  If Nelson were doing his thing today people like Maria Asshat from Berkeley would be holding massive protests, with giant papier mache heads and hippie drum circles, comprised of hirsute women in sandals and ethnic skirts holding homemade “Nelson = Hitler” signs.

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