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How Can We Trust Anyone?

And in the rubble of Pakistan, the seed of conservatism has taken root.

With only a fraction of the required funds promised by the world so far, Pakistan seems reluctant to make any expensive commitments.

Already, it has had to revise its “compensation” for the victims downwards.

The chief secretary of Pakistan-administered Kashmir had initially promised 100,000 rupees (about $1,660) per victim.

But earlier this week, the first instalment of cash compensation was doled out on the basis of 100,000 rupees per family.

Needless to say, many families have lost a number of members and the unannounced change in the compensation formula has left most of them even more uncertain of their future.

“How can we trust anyone?” asks bus driver Hussain Kiyani.

“Whatever we need to do, we have to do it ourselves. And we will.”

As New Orleans has shown us, if you rely on government for your safety you are a fool.  The best solution is to plan on doing everything yourself, because there is no institution ever created more inept and self-serving than government.

I was initially tempted to write, “And in the rubble of Pakistan, a Republican has just been born.” Unfortunately, after five years of Bush, we can’t really say that any more, can we?  Trusting the nanny state to provide for you is the hallmark of Bush’s view of government.

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