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Terri Gitmiavio

I’ll say one thing for the Bush administration, they’re fucking consistent when it comes to feeding tubes.

A Kuwaiti detainee on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay wants a judge to order the removal of his feeding tube so he can be allowed to die, his lawyer says.

Fawzi al-Odah is ready to die “out of desperation” at his detention without charge, said his lawyer Tom Wilner.

Mr al-Odah is one of about 26 detainees being fed by tube, against their will.

Force-feeding is highly controversial. Campaigners in London on Tuesday said it was unethical and painful, but US authorities say they are saving lives.

Mr al-Odah, a 28-year-old who was arrested in Pakistan in 2002, has asked his lawyers to file papers seeking a judicial order that his tube be removed, Mr Wilner told AP news agency.

“He is willing to take a stand if it will bring justice,” Mr Wilner said.

However, Mr Wilner said the papers had not yet been filed due to the opposition of his client’s family, who were “frantic” about the situation.

Despite being force-fed, Mr al-Odah “looks like a skeleton”, Mr Wilner said.

Hell, I say let the guy go on his hunger strike.  Then we should have a chef prepare delicious traditional Arabic meals, and place them right outside his cell, and have a fan blow the scents into his cage.  We’ll see just how great his will to die is then.  As far as having a feeding tube inserted being unethical and painful, horseshit.  When my dad was in the hospital he had one.  The only reason its painful is because this dickhead won’t lie still while they insert it.

“As a matter of policy our mission is to… [prevent] unnecessary loss of life of the detainees through standard medical intervention, including involuntary medical nutrition,” Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Martin, military spokesman at Guantanamo Bay, told the BBC News website.

He said hunger strikers were “clinically stable” and were receiving compassionate care. Only doctors and qualified nurses administered the tube-feeding, he said.

“The dangerous men we are holding are held in an environment that is stable, secure and humane,” he said.

See, it’s so sad that I have to read his remarks with derision, but the policies that we’ve enacted in Gitmo regarding prisoner abuse have made statements like this laughable.  It used to just be a given that a prisoner held in US custody would be treated in this manner, but with people being beaten to death, can we still make that claim?

Rights groups and doctors have expressed concern over the health of hunger strikers, and have also highlighted ethical concerns over the practice of force-feeding.

“Fundamental to doctors’ responsibilities in attending a hunger striker is the recognition that prisoners have the same right as any other patient to refuse medical treatment,” said 18 doctors in a letter to the UK’s Guardian newspaper on Tuesday.

Which gets back to my previous idea.  If these dickheads don’t want to eat, fine.  We can turn it into another form of pressure.  Let’s see how great their will to starve is when we present before them a cornucopia of delicious tastes from their homeland.

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