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Hating Whitey

Have you seen the new series of commercials for Embassy Suites hotels?  Basically it goes something like this.  A boss and an employee run into another employee in the hall or outside an elevator.  The boss says “Johnson, I’m sending Smith here to the conference instead of you.” The boss then goes on to provide a gimmicky reason, after which the commercial ends with a shot of the superior employee enjoying the amenities at Embassy Suites.

As you see these, notice something.  In one commercial the boss is a black male, the superior employee is a white female, and the doofus employee is a white male.  In another commercial the boss is a white female, the superior employee is a black male, and the doofus is a white male.  See a pattern here?

You can’t make a black the doofus because that would be racist.  You can’t make the doofus a woman because that would be sexist.  But it’s perfectly acceptable to make fun of white males all you like.

This reminds me of an observation Howard Stern made once, when the Williams Sisters were playing in the finals at Wimbledon.  He noted that the network covering the event had hired a former black tennis star to provide the color commentary, and wondered why they had chosen this woman over a player of superior caliber like Martina Navratalova.  He then answered his own question: because the network didn’t want a white person being critical of a black player.

America is supposed to be a pluralistic, multi-racial, multi-ethnic society.  What we have devolved into is a series of protected classes, with the only unprotected class being the white male.  It’s open season on us. 

Ironically, we’re the only people in the country who don’t whine and piss and moan to our legislators when this sort of thing happens, begging for protection for our feelings.  Funny how that works.

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