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Three Heads

The Religion of Peace™ claims its latest victims.

Three girls have been beheaded and another badly injured as they walked to a Christian school in Indonesia.

They were walking through a cocoa plantation near the city of Poso in central Sulawesi province when they were attacked.

This is an area that has a long history of religious violence between Muslims and Christians.

A government-brokered truce has only partially succeeded in reducing the number of incidents in recent years.

Police say the heads were found some distance from the bodies.

It is unclear what was behind the attack, but the girls attended a private Christian school and one of the heads was left outside a church leading to speculation that it might have had a religious motive.

I suppose it could be serial killers.  Though which is more likely, an Indonesian serial killer beheading schoolgirls, or Muslim s just acting like Muslims?  I mean, those Islamists will do anything to get ahead… or three.

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