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Sex, Drugs, and Careers

What do hot chicks do when they get out of college?  Drugs.

US drug manufacturers facing increasingly tough competition to market their wares to doctors have found a new, all-American weapon: cheerleaders.

So many young college graduates have traded their pom-poms for a saleswoman’s briefcase that a company has been set up in Memphis, Tennessee, to help corporations talent-scout cheerleaders around the country.

Gregory Webb, the founder and president of Spirited Sales Leaders, says he is aware of several hundred former cheerleaders who have been hired by pharmaceutical companies as saleswomen. He said the pharmaceutical industry had hired more cheerleaders than other industries because it pays higher salaries.

He rejected suggestions that drug corporations were simply seeking to exploit cheerleaders’ wholesome good looks in the hope of luring mostly male doctors into prescribing their products.

“Today’s cheerleader is not a 1950s cheerleader. These are true campus leaders,” Mr Webb said. “They’ve stood in front of tens of thousands of people in the arena, but they’ve also stood up in front of college presidents.”

On its website, Spirited Sales declares: “You may be surprised to learn that cheerleaders across the country possess all of the qualities you need to transform your staff into a successful sales team. As collegiate student athletes, these highly motivated individuals have achieved great success on the playing field and in the classroom and as a result, are better prepared for success on a winning sales team like yours.”

Now, I might be wrong here, but it seems like the pharmaceutical industry is (gasp!) trying to make a profit, and in order to do so they’re (gasp!) employing the oldest marketing trick in the world: if you want to sell a product, put a hot chick on it, in it, wearing it, holding it, eating it, or standing next to it.

When I was in boot camp they took our pictures, much like when you’re a senior in high school.  About the second to last week of boot camp they sent a representative down to talk to us to tell us what our options were as far as ordering photographs.  Did they send a middle-aged guy?  No, they sent a sexy, 22 year old blonde in a mini skirt, who was wearing way too much perfume.  Remember, we hadn’t seen a woman in over two months by this point, and just having the opportunity to talk to this girl was worth buying the full deluxe picture package.

Only liberals could be shocked, shocked that a pharmaceutical company would actually hire attractive young females to peddle its wares.

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