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Big, Easy, and Wireless

How do you lure a city full of looters to come home?  With free goodies.

Hurricane-stricken New Orleans is largely destroyed and abandoned, but city officials said on Tuesday it will soon have universal wireless Internet service.

A free, municipally-run Wi-Fi system has begun operation in the French Quarter and central business district and should cover the entire city within a year, Mayor Ray Nagin said in a statement.

“We are among the first cities to feature a city-wide wireless network and that’s especially important to the recovery of our community,” he said.

Much of the equipment for the system has been donated by private companies, including Intel Corp, Tropos Networks and Pronto Networks, the city said.

Considering the widespread looting, I think it’s fair to assume that every laptop in the city was looted.  So what they’re doing here is trying to bribe back the laptop looters with a promise that they’ll be able to sit in the French Quarter drinking Hurricanes and download porn on the city’s dime.  If they could only work out a deal with Nike and Microsoft to offer free shoes and Xbox consoles they’d be able to repopulate the city in about ten minutes.

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