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Bush’s Speech

I haven’t had a chance to hear or read Bush’s speech yet, been super busy today at work.  I’ll have commentary later on today when I get a moment.

Update: Finally got around to reading it.  Very good, I’m impressed.  I especially like the idea of releasing an unclassified strategy paper on the White House website.  Smart move.  It’s hard for your critics to claim you don’t have a plan when anyone can go on the internet and download the damn thing themselves. 

The biggest criticism I’ve had of Bush so far is that he’s really failed to articulate a strategy or plan, nor to explain why victory in Iraq is so critically important.  When Bush was making the case to go to war he outlined about 20 reasons at one time or another, but focused on just two or three, with WMD and getting rid of Saddam being the main selling points.  On this basis the American people supported him overwhelmingly.  Now we find ourselves in a situation where Saddam is gone, and there were no WMD there anyway, which completely blows his entire justification for the war.  Look at it this way: if we had found warehouses full of WMD, Bush would be hailed as the greatest wartime president since FDR, but we didn’t, and he’s paying the political price for it. 

So, since the main justifications for the war in Iraq were proved to be false, Bush now needs to show a clear strategy as to why finishing the job is critical.  This speech today is a good sign that, finally, he’s getting it.  I hope he understands that this can’t be a one-time thing, that this message has to be stated over and over and over to get the pint across, especially in the face of a hostile media and a determined opposition.  But the argument is there to be made, he just has to figure out how to do it.

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