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Scandals and Sandals

An Israeli columnist overall supportive of the Iraq invasion makes a great point’, one which echoes things I have said here many times.

The problem caused by the revelations of just how much the Bush administration lied, cheated and manufactured the Iraqi threat to the U.S. and all of Western Civilization as we know it is that there was and is something valuable under way here: A truly brutal, neo-fascist dictator has been deposed, a country is on the mend, and the region’s remaining dictators are watching their backs.

Those are all good things. That the administration’s prevarications have caused that message to be lost or disregarded - that’s the shame.

There is value in what has happened, and not only for Israel. The shame is that the Bush administration has ruined its ability to explain and be proud of that effort.

This is absolutely true.  One of Bush’s many failings, indeed possibly his main failing as president, is to be likable.  Being likable doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be a better president per se, only that you will be able to use that likability to drum up popular support.  This is why car companies send models to auto shows.  The hot broad in the skimpy outfit is a much better salesman for the car than the frumpy greasy-hands engineer who designed and assembled the thing.  But public opinion is important, and Bush, through the various scandals, has made himself and most of his staff to appear as pretty unlikable people.  Through their failings in other areas, supporters off the war and of the administration itself are really righting for air during discussions over the fate of Iraq.  The administration’s incompetence is causing the glow from the Saddam Trial to diminish, The schmucks in the MSM aren’t giving it the coverage it deserves simply because when they have a choice over highlighting the latest scandal or the trial, which are they going to pick?

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