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The Power of Words

One of the common refrains that we hear from the asshat left is that it is possible to support the troops without supporting the mission, and that opposing the fascist Bush, his war for corporate oil profits, and his ultimate goal for a Christian theocracy in America will not demoralize the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  So it was with interest that I read the following in an email from MoveOn.org.  It’s a message that Harry Reid asked them to forward on to their members.

To the members of MoveOn: I know Congress can often seem very far away. But when you folks call, and write, and hold events that demonstrate how much you care about something we’re doing, it really wakes people up. Your voices remind me and my colleagues that democracy works. I see the impact every day—you’re forcing Congress to answer to the people, not the lobbyists or the White House. And I’m looking forward to fighting alongside you next year.

Interesting, isn’t it.  On the one hand left-wing activism has the power to inspire people and wake them up.  In other words, its message has an effect.  On the other hand, left-wing activism won’t have any effect on the troops in Iraq who happen to hear it.  Its message is effective only against politicians and th public, but soldiers are somehow impervious to its effects.  Only someone as intellectually bankrupt as an American liberal could believe this bullshit.

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