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It seems that all is not lost in North Dakota.

Students in North Dakota debating programs have been banned from broaching the topic of intelligent design.

“We’re doing this because we don’t want to exclude any students from public forum debate at state,” said Robert Hetler of the North Dakota High School Activities Association. “Some schools were afraid parents wouldn’t allow their kids to do this one.”

He added, “Not to mention that we didn’t want to appear like a bunch of drooling, applesauce-slurping, banjo-playing hillbillies who are laughed at by everyone else in the world for our self-inforced scientific ignorance.”

Update: In a devastating blow to the anti-ID message, InsipiD pointed out that I posted a typographical error above by misspelling the word “enforced.” How I will be able to recover from this body blow I have yet to reckon.

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