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Lots of Gas

Tony Blair is going kookoo for global warming.

The threat posed by climate change may be greater than previously thought, and global warming is advancing at an unsustainable rate, Prime Minister Tony Blair said in a report published Monday.

The government-commissioned report collates evidence presented at a conference on climate change hosted by Britain’s Meteorological Office last year. It says scientists now have ``greater clarity and reduced uncertainty’’ about the impacts of climate change.

In a foreword, Blair said it was clear that ``the risks of climate change may well be greater than we thought.’’

``It is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases, associated with industrialization and economic growth from a world population that has increased six-fold in 200 years, is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable,’’ he wrote.

Over the next century, global warming is expected to raise ocean levels, intensify storms, spread disease to new areas and shift climate zones, possibly making farmlands drier and deserts wetter.

Wow!  The world is about to come to an end!  We really need to follow Britain’s lead and do something about this impending menace!

He was unable to overcome the Bush administration’s antipathy to the Kyoto climate-change accord rejected by the U.S. government on the grounds it would damage the economy. British ministers also have acknowledged that Britain is unlikely to meet its own target of cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent by 2010.

Why, it’s almost like Britain isn’t willing to roll back its standard of living by 100 years just to meet emissions targets.  Funny how that works, isn’t it.

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