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Dim Sumuhammad

The Religion of Peace™ is doing it Hong Kong style.

Shouting slogans and waving banners, more than 1,000 Muslims in Hong Kong mounted a protest on Sunday to denounce cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad.

“Mockery is not humour,” “We want peace, don’t harass us,” read some of the banners the Muslims brandished in Chater Garden, a favorite weekend gathering place for foreign domestic helpers.

It was the second peaceful protest in 10 days by Hong Kong’s Muslim community, a usually quiet and almost invisible group in this southern Chinese city.

Organisers said they were enraged by the cartoons, which were first published in Denmark in September but which have since been reprinted in many European newspapers.

“We love our prophets and we also love other religions. But why should people hate our religion?” said Khan Muhammad Malik, chairman of the Pakistan Islamic Welfare Union in Hong Kong.

“We want the United Nations to make a law for the world, stating clearly that no religion must be insulted.”

Strange, isn’t it, that we’ve never heard a peep from the Muslim world concerning the insulting of religion.  That is, until it was their religion that was insulted.  Then, well, of course, all religions need to be protected.  Which, when you think about it, makes them exactly like liberals.  Insulting Christianity?  No problem.  But when Muslims act like savages, well, all of a sudden we have to exercise restraint and be respectful of people’s religious beliefs.

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