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Big Fat Wait

Back when I was obese I was once told I couldn’t have an MRI because I was too heavy for the table.  I wasn’t offended, it was the truth, and I sure didn’t go pissing and moaning and demanding an apology like this fat bastard.

A 308-pound British man is demanding an apology from a hospital in Liverpool, England, where he was told he was too fat to have an angiogram.

Alan Nolan, 57, told the Liverpool Echo his doctors knew his size and had promised special equipment would be on hand for his scheduled heart procedure at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

However, he said, when he arrived for his appointment, he told he was too fat to fit on the operating table and sent home.

Ummm, so fucking what?  What’s the big deal?  So you go home and come back a few days later when they have the equipment on hand.  Oh, wait!  This is the UK!

Nolan said his doctor told him five months ago there was a potential problem with a heart valve and now he has to further wait for a diagnosis.

That’s right, folks.  He was told that he had a problem with a heart valve and FIVE MONTHS LATER he got in for an angiogram.  Presumably he’ll now have to wait another five months for his free health care to provide him with the opportunity of getting another one.

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