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Smacka Cracka

A gang of white guys runs a black guy over, and then while he’s pinned beneath the car they beat him senseless.  Hate crime, right?


That’s how Jeff Morris described the beating he witnessed early Thursday in the parking lot behind Cowboys 2000 nightclub in northeast Springfield.

Morris said a horde of men viciously kicked 22-year-old Joshua M. Mincks in the head as the bloodied Bolivar man lay motionless, pinned beneath a car.

Some of the attackers even celebrated after landing blows.

“They were actually enjoying this,” Morris said Thursday in a telephone interview. “They were giving high-fives after kicking him.”

Morris wasn’t sure what prompted the brutality, but images of the aftermath were still fresh in his mind Thursday afternoon.

“He was hard to recognize, there was so much blood on his face,” the Rogersville man recalled.

Springfield police spent much of Thursday investigating the assault but had made no arrests as of press time.

Officer Matt Brown, a police spokesman, said reporters asked him numerous times on Thursday whether the beating was racially motivated. The victim was white; witnesses said his attackers were black.

“At this point, we have not ruled out that possibility, but have not been able to confirm the reason for the assault and will not know until we have one or more of the suspects in custody,” he said in a release.

If the races had been reversed Je$$e Jack$on and his ambulance-chasing racist pals would have been on the first Gulfstream V to the scene.  As it is, this will get hardly a mention anywhere.  Because only whitey can be racist, right media?

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