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Party Time in Tehran

When Bush said that “They hate us for our freedoms” he was roundly ridiculed by the left.  The thing is, of all the things Bush has ever said, in this case he was absolutely right.  The Islamists are terrified of our freedoms, because they know that as long as we exist and we are free we will provide an irresistible allure to their children through our popular culture, and they can’t have that.

IRAN’S police force outlined plans today for a renewed crackdown against women who show off too much of their bodies in the streets of Tehran.

“In our campaign, we will confront women showing their bare legs in short pants,” Tehran’s police chief, Morteza Talai, said.

“We are also going to combat women wearing skimpy headscarves, short and form-fitting coats, and the ones walking pets in parks and streets,” he said.

Also in police crosshairs are “the ones creating noise pollution” by playing their car stereos too loud.

Every post-pubescent female in Iran, regardless of her nationality or religion, is obliged to observe the Islamic dress code and cover her shape and hair whenever outside the home.

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iran’s ruling clerics have been at pains to keep women under wraps and away from the risk of “Westoxication”.

Gee, and the liberals wonder why some of us are so concerned with a society this rational acquiring nuclear weapons.

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