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Losing Another War

In NRO, Ned Rice says it’s time to admit total defeat in the war.  On cancer.

How will history account for such a miserable failure of a war? Many would argue that we never should have gone to war with cancer in the first place. The very idea that American medical science could control a process as elemental as malignant cellular proliferation is emblematic of a type of hubris only Americans are capable of. Surely the notion that we could impose American values such as “benign” and “non-metastasizing” on living tissues will be remembered as pure, jingoistic folly.

But even conceding the necessity of this war on cancer is no excuse for the way in which it has been waged. Does anyone still deny that America embarked on this so-called war without a well-defined plan for achieving victory? To say nothing of an exit strategy. The mistakes and failures we’ve made along the way surely number in the thousands. One even gets the impression, at times, that the clinical research supposedly aimed at finding a cure is being done on a virtual trial and error basis.

Moreover, how exactly does one wage war on a disease? Or was the war analogy merely a cynical rhetorical device designed to trick red state dullards into supporting Nixon’s nefarious scheme to enrich his cronies in the medical-industrial complex? Pro-war voices are hard-pressed to even define victory in a war on cancer. Does “winning” mean no more malignancies, ever? What about skin cancer? When can we start smoking again, for Pete’s sake? The cancer-war hawks fall predictably silent when confronted with these uncomfortable realities. This war has been waged with an almost willful ignorance of the nature of the enemy we face. Remember laetrile, the miracle cancer cure extracted from apricot pits? Remember oatmeal’s putative preventative properties? The so-called cancer “vaccine”? All came to nothing.

Then there’s the unilateral aspect of the current struggle. Instead of enlisting the aid of trusted allies such as France and Germany to form a coalition of like-minded powers to fight this disease, we arbitrarily declared war on cancer like the arrogant superpower we are. Not even the United Nations was consulted, much less asked for its permission. No wonder the whole world hates us.

Read the whole thing.  Our arrogant hubris knows no bounds.

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