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Not So Secret

This is one of those how the hell is this possible moments…

THE secrets of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent are feared stolen, the Sunday Express can reveal.

It is claimed they disappeared from a high-security base in the US.

CIA and FBI agents launched an inquiry after top-secret material was found under a mattress in a caravan near the base during a drugs raid.

Security services fear the material includes details of Britain’s Trident submarine-launched missiles, as well as other nuclear weapons.

Under a pact negotiated during the Cold War, British secrets are kept at the base. The caravan was used by a known dealer who sold drugs to staff at the base in New Mexico.

Shocked agents uncovered computer drives under the mattress. These were traced to a rogue technician at the complex.

Both the woman technician and the drug dealer have been arrested.

Last night the director of the Los Alamos base, Michael Anastasio, said: “Unfortunately, my ability to discuss the details of this matter is constrained due to the nature of the situation. What I can say is that this is a serious matter, and we are taking immediate steps to address it.

“First, we are fully co-operating with the FBI and we intend to do everything possible to guard against any criminal activity.

“Second, in conjunction with the FBI, we began, and will continue, to pursue the facts surrounding this incident in order to fully assess necessary immediate and long-term actions. We have already taken a number of steps to address potential security risks.”

A Los Alamos police spokesman said: “The stolen classified documents were found during a drug raid. The woman holds a responsible position in the facility.”

That’s right, folks.  Britain’s nuclear secrets have been found under a mattress in a meth lab.  I mean, seriously, what the hell is it about Los Alamos that makes it leak like a sieve?  Why are people who associate with meth dealers allowed to have top secret clearances (or better) anyway?  Do we just hand out clearances to anyone who asks?

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