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A Tale of Two Smears

Two days ago I wrote this post about Macaca Allen’s attempt to smear Jim Webb by taking snippets from books he has written and purporting that they somehow speak to his character.  In the comments to that post, Dirk Steele wrote the following.

So you think it’s a good thing that people take a book written by one of the canidates out of context, when contemplating if they should vote for him? How can you defend this blatant smear tactic?

This would be like claiming Arnold thinks about killing women by playing that scene in Total Recall when he shot Sharon Stone in the head.

It’s quite ironic that Dirk used Arnold Schwarzenegger as his example, because something very similar happened back in 2003.  I documented it in a post called The Dirtiest of Tricks.  Just a little over three years ago we had the recall election here in California which put Arnie in office.  Since he was the favorite to win, the left wing groups pulled out all the stops in their advertising.  One of those groups was the überlefties at MoveOn, whose commercial started out with shots of various women, and then presents a quote from Arnold purporting to show just how callous he is towards them.  Here’s the quote.

“How many times do you get away with this—to take a woman, grab her upside-down, and smash her face into a toilet bowl.”

Here was my commentary at the time.

Note the fine print at the bottom of the quote:  referring to Terminator 3.  If you haven’t seen the movie, there is a scene in a bathroom where Arnie’s Terminator character fights the female TX.  During the fight he grabs the TX, flips her upside down, and smashes her head into a toilet.

Can you believe this crap?  He is discussing a scene from a movie, and the scumbags at MoveOn are insinuating that this is how he feels about women.

Simply pathetic.  The left hasn’t been able to stop Arnie through legitimate means, so they wait until the week before the election to start their smear campaign (with the help of their fellow liberals in the California media).  Then MoveOn, the night before the election, pulls this stunt.

No matter what your political leanings, to totally defame a candidate in this manner, when they have no chance to respond before the election, is disgusting and immoral.

Note that I objected to the tactic itself, not the fact that this tactic was used by a liberal group.  Now that James Webb is being smeared in more or less exactly the same manner, I object to it as well.  Just like Arnie’s words describing a scene in Terminator III have nothing to do with his ability to govern, these out-of-context snippets from Webb’s books are completely immaterial to the character of the person who wrote them.

Now, here’s the interesting thing.  This 2003 post was one of the first from this blog to get a lot of really big blogosphere-wide attention.  It was linked to by countless websites, including Andrew Sullivan, National Review, and Lucianne Goldberg.  A quick perusal of The Corner for the word “webb” shows that, by and large, most people on that site support the use of the Webb quotes by the Allen campaign. 

Strange isn’t it.  I have this idea that when I criticize the left for doing something, then the right does the same thing, I should also criticize the right.  But I’m kooky like that.

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