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Not satisfied with remove every vestige of religion from the classroom, the PC left has now gotten it removed from the church.

The College of William & Mary has removed the cross from the altar in its chapel in response to the structure’s frequent use for nonreligious events.

William & Mary President Gene Nichol released a statement to the college community saying that he has “not banished the cross from the Wren Chapel. The Chapel ... is used for religious ceremonies by members of all faiths. The cross will remain in the Chapel and be displayed on the altar at appropriate religious services.”

However, Nichol continued that “the Chapel is also used frequently for College events that are secular in nature—and should be open to students and staff of all beliefs” and “must be welcoming to all.”

Hmmm.  It seems to me that if your group chooses to utilize a chapel for an event, there is a tacit understanding that there will probably be a few crosses or other religious symbols laying around.  Rather than simply make students understand that this is a chapel and thus has a religious purpose, the PC solution is to remove all the religion from the chapel. 

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