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Frank Castle

Texas should just change its name to The Punisher.

Criminals in Texas beware: if you threaten someone in their car or office, the citizens of this state where guns are ubiquitous have the right to shoot you dead.

Governor Rick Perry’s office said on Tuesday that he had signed a new law that expands Texans’ existing right to use deadly force to defend themselves “without retreat” in their homes, cars and workplaces.

“The right to defend oneself from an imminent act of harm should not only be clearly defined in Texas law, but is intuitive to human nature,” Perry said on his Web site.

The new law, which takes affect on September 1, extends an exception to a statute that required a person to retreat in the face of a criminal attack. The exception was in the case of an intruder unlawfully entering a person’s home.

The law extends a person’s right to stand their ground beyond the home to vehicles and workplaces, allowing the reasonable use of deadly force, the governor’s office said.

The reasonable use of lethal force will be allowed if an intruder is:

- Committing certain violent crimes, such as murder or sexual assault, or is attempting to commit such crimes

- Unlawfully trying to enter a protected place

- Unlawfully trying to remove a person from a protected place.

The law also provides civil immunity for a person who lawfully slays an intruder or attacker in such situations.

In other words, if you want to be a criminal, your best bet is to move to a state full of bleeding heart liberal pussies like California or Massachusetts.

Sympathy for violent offenders and criminals in general runs low in Texas, underscored by its busy death row.

If this is true (and it is) then the inverse must also be true:  sympathy for violent offenders and criminals in general runs high in California, underscored by the fact that virtually nobody, not even the most hardened gang member, is executed here.  And when the state finally gets around to executing one of these examples of subhuman social vermin, the usual group of wailing left-wing pussies like Sean Penn and Mike Farrell will be outside the gates of San Quentin whining about how unfair and barbaric it all is.

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