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Beat Box

Reason discusses the ongoing beatification process for the late Pope John Paul II.

Second, and more immediately, Pope Benedict--supposedly a by-the-book-sort guy--has already bent the rules for his predecessor, waiving the five-year waiting period after death for the beatification process to begin. To which any Catholic--past, present, future, or perpetual--really has to ask: If the Baseball Hall of Fame could wait five years after Cal Ripken’s retirement before voting him in, where does the Vicar of Christ on Earth get off? This would be like inducting The Strokes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after the release of their debut.

Sadly, all too true.  I was a great fan of the late pope.  For the majority of my life he was “the” pope, and when he died it was in many ways like losing a family member.  But, come on.  The way they’re bending all their own rules to get him admitted into the Super Awesome Club is pretty disgraceful.

John Paul II’s life and legacy are great enough that the Vatican shouldn’t need to use tricks and points of parliamentary procedure.  He earned what he earned, there’s no need to rush it.

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