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The Gift of Life

Over at Captain’s Quarters Ed Morrisey’s “First Mate” is getting a kidney transplant.  As someone whose father died needing a heart transplant I can empathize completely.  If you’re a religious person please say a little extra prayer for a speedy recovery without complications.

And, most importantly of all, if you’re not an organ donor, what the hell is wrong with you?  Take a moment, right now, and give the gift of life.  If you happen to die tomorrow, wouldn’t you want something good to come from it?  Wouldn’t you want someone else to benefit from the tragedy of your premature demise?

I’m becoming emotional and choked up as I write this.  I can’t think of anything more compassionate, more selfless, and more humanitarian than being an organ donor.  YOU’RE DEAD, what the hell do you need those organs for?  Take a moment, print out the card, and know that if you happen to die unexpectedly you will give the precious gift of life to someone else.  As someone who had to make the agonizing decision to switch a parent off life support, please, don’t make someone else go through that.

Do it.  Now.

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