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From Hal_10000 in this post.

I am, frankly, sick of this shit.  The Dems and public opinion have nothing to do with it.  Both were in favor of it initially.  Remember the huge approval ratings?  Or the vote on authorizing the war?  The public didn’t turn on Bush until things got really bad during the occupation.  And they turned on Bush because they realized he didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

The terrorists are not sitting there watching CNN’s opinion polls on the war.  And our soldiers ignored the restrictive ROE when it became clear they were fighting a guerilla enemy.  The problem was fundamental bad planning compounded by a stubborness to realize things were going wrong.  It wasn’t until the GOP go a shellacking at the polls that they suddenly realized Rumsfeld was incompetent and we needed more troops—two years after people like Lee had said the same thing, only to be braded RINOs and Bush-bashers.

Again, nothing is ever Bush’s fault.  It’s the wussy public.  It’s the evil Democrats.  It’s the barbaric Iraqis.  Everyone ANYONE instead of the Commander in Chief.

You know the fascinating thing?  During the 2004 elections the left chose as its mantra “Anyone But Bush,” or ABB.  Now, as the palace walls crumble around them, the remaining Bush supporters have basically chosen the same mantra as a means of explaining the administration’s failures.

On some level I can understand this.  The country is extremely polarized right now, and there’s a sense that if one side is right on an issue then the other side must be wrong.  While this is incorrect and overly simplistic, it’s the way much of the country views the political zeitgeist.  Many people are therefore reticent about admitting that Bush is responsible because they voted for him, which would therefore mean that (a) they are in part responsible for Bush’s actions, and (b) they’d be forced to admit (incorrectly, mind you) that the “other side” was “right.”

Voting for Bush was a mistake.  I wish I’d never done it.  I wish we’d never gone into Iraq.  These are all mistakes, and as someone who voted for Bush twice I’m willing to take whatever criticism I deserve for that decision.  That being said, in no way does this mean that the left was “right” about Bush.  It doesn’t matter what election you’re discussing, or who the candidate is, the lefties will claim that the Republican candidate is a double secret crypto fascist who seeks to usurp power regardless of Constitutional safeguards.  The lefties thus have no credibility, because they’ve made the same claim over and over again and been totally wrong.

Until Bush.

And this is what is so bad for the conservative cause.  As conservatives most of us traditionally support the GOP.  But if the GOP becomes antithetical to the cause of conservatism, it’s up to conservatives to cut loose the offending party, regroup, and begin to once again advance the cause. 

I don’t oppose Bush because I’m not conservative, I oppose Bush because I am conservative.  And don’t give me any of this pragmatic shit about the Democrats being worse, that’s a total cop-out.

Let me put it this way.  When Clinton was president I thought he was a scumbag primarily because he abused the office.  He didn’t take it seriously, didn’t give the presidency the dignity it deserved.  When Bush came into office he restored that sense of dignity and decorum, instituting rules like nobody coming into the Oval Office without appropriate attire.  I remember opinion polls from early in the Bush administration where a majority of Americans thought he had restored dignity to the office of the presidency. 

Clinton got his dick sucked in the White House then lied about it.  He’s a scumbag.  Bush has gotten us into a disaster of a war, instituted domestic espionage programs, instituted official torture policies which violate the Geneva Conventions and countless other treaties and agreements, done everything conceivable to alienate our allies and empower our enemies, sullied America’s reputation on the world stage, weakened habeas corpus rights, weakened fundamental Constitutional protections, and used the office of the president primarily as a tool for cementing power for the GOP.

Clinton was impeached for lying about his blowjob under oath.  Going by that standard, Bush should be beheadhed and have his severed head stuck on a pike on the front lawn of the White House.  Given a choice between a competent president with loose personal moral standards, and an incompetent douchebag with no respect for the Constitution, I’ll take the former.

Even if he is a Democrat.

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