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Chickenfry Update II

Earlier today she called me and said that she was crying blood.  She actually had red tears coming down her face and she was freaked out.  I told her it was probably just her body expelling blood that had pooled and coagulated inside her head, and that she’d have blood coming out of every conceivable orifice for the next few weeks.  “I wouldn’t go telling anyone about this,” I told her.

“Why not?”

“Because if word gets out, there’s going to be 45 Mexicans outside your hospital room praying to you because you’re the reincarnation of Mary, mother of Jesus.”

When the doctor came in he confirmed that, yes, this was merely one way that her body would expel the old blood inside her sinus cavity.  But there’s nothing funnier than Mexicans who see Mary and Jesus in everything.

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