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Lead Paint: Delicious But Deadly

You know all those schools we keep building that are supposedly winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people?  (You know, despite the fact that it’s far too dangerous for anyone to actually send their kids there?) Well I have no doubt you’re going to be as shocked, shocked as I was to read that most of the shit we build is useless.

Widespread corruption, an unwieldy bureaucracy and inadequate funding threaten the Iraqi government’s ability to complete or maintain U.S.-funded reconstruction projects, according to an oversight report to be released today.

The report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction says some projects portrayed as successes by U.S. officials have started breaking down because of poor maintenance, shoddy construction or simple neglect.

What?  You mean not only is the government incompetent, but they’ve been lying to us about how well they’ve been doing?  Not the Bush administration, surely. Lying is something Democrats do about blowjobs!

Those problems, as well as the continuing violence in Iraq, have prevented the United States from meeting its goals for the $34.8 billion appropriated for postwar reconstruction, the inspector general, Stuart Bowen, concludes in his quarterly report to Congress.

Investigators from Bowen’s office inspected eight completed projects across Iraq and found seven of them weren’t operating at capacity. Among the problems found: an unused oxygen system at a northern Iraq hospital, poorly maintained electrical generators in the Baghdad area and leaking water pipes causing ceilings to collapse in buildings used by security forces.

Here’s the situation.  You have to drive your kids to school in an armored car to avoid the bombs and bullets.  Then, assuming you can even get them there, there’s a pretty good chance that Uncle Sam’s roof will cave in and crush them.  Then, if you’re somehow able to get them to the hospital, the oxygen system that the Americans installed doesn’t work. 

Oh yeah, the Iraqi people should be sucking our dicks in appreciation for all we’ve given them.

“If these projects are typical of the quality and effectiveness of operations and maintenance … the value of the U.S. investment in Iraq reconstruction will be at risk,” the report says.

Anyone willing to bet me that these projects aren’t typical of the quality and effectiveness of operations and maintenance?  Yeah. that’s what I thought.

Update: Allow me to give you my impression of the average Iraqi’s point of view.

“Saddam was an evil, evil man.  I hated him, he killed my brother.  I curse him for all of eternity, and I was happy when he died.  I wanted him gone so I could have a better life for my children, and when the Americans came I was thrilled.  But now, what do we have?  Do we have anything better?  The power still does not work.  There are bombs going off all over the city.  There is gunfire and armed gangs.  We are dominated by thugs.  Under Saddam there was evil but there was order.  Now we have evil and chaos.  My children cannot go outside and play.  They cannot go to school.  They are terrified.  The Americans, what have they brought us but misery?  Where is the better life they promised?  Where is the freedom from tyranny?  Where is the democracy?”

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