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In Search Of:  Santa Claus

A group of scientists is—get this—seeking peer reviewed papers to attempt to prove that Santa Claus exists.

The Institute for Father Christmas Research (FCR) is pleased to announce the inaugural Call for Papers for the International Journal of Santa Claus Research (IJSCR).

IJSCR is a professional peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary scientific research that presents evidence of the existence of Santa Claus within a socioeconomic and cultural framework.

Addressing the need to disseminate the vast field of research conducted by experts in geology, genetics, astronomy, and other disciplines of science, IJSCR provides scientists and students hard data based on cutting-edge research that demonstrates the flying sleigh, the magical reindeer, the list of who has been naughty and nice, and other evidences that correlate to the legendary Santa Claus accounts.

It is our hope that you will be encouraged in your study of Santa science issues that remain at the forefront of education and research.

Okay, so I made it up a little.  But the truth is just as stupid.

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