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How They Support

A sad anecdote from my girlfriend, Chickenfry.

I work with kids at an after school program. For the last week or so I have doing a project where we have the kids writing letters to wounded Marines out of Camp Pendleton. Today, as I was doing paperwork, I looked up and saw a very pissed-off mother walking towards me.  She said she needed to speak to me, then started off by saying her son had come home and told her that we were writing letters to wounded soldiers.  She then proceeded to tell me that her son would not be writing a letter, that she did not believe in the war, that the soldiers had chosen to put themselves in harms way, and because of this they did not deserve any letters.  She said that she didn’t want her son getting the wrong idea about the war being “okay,” and she would be talking to my boss about the letter writing project.

I stood there in complete disbelief.  I couldn’t even speak. I said okay, she flipped her hair, and walked away.

I don’t much believe in the war either but I do support those soldiers who give up their lives for us. I wanted to tell her what a heartless dumb bitch she was but kept my mouth shut because I wanted a job to come to tomorrow…

Ah, liberals.  Such classy people.  And there’s no liberal classier than a California liberal.

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