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In this post, by LiveFreeOrDie.

Lee, I ditched this site about 6 months ago because of the Bush bashing and I perceived racism.

I’m here eating Humble pie. This bastard is a fascist fucktard. He’s letting huge fucking corporations make the bureaucratic laws.

And you’re right about the fucking torture issue too. Damnit.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

This damn immigration bill finally brought me around.

Did you see the post office rate restructuring? Both NRO and The Nation came out against it. WTF. Same shit.

Oh, btw. Remember when Clinton said “The end of the era of big government”. Yeah, this is what that bastard had in mind also.

American Liberty is in danger.

I get accused of “Bush bashing” all the time.  It’s funny how quickly the idea of “bashing” can turn to “telling the truth about.” LiveFree, welcome back bro.

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